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15 Baby Tips You Wish Someone Had Told You

If you are like me I think that these 15 baby tips will help you to enjoy yourself more with your babies.

Having a baby is hard work, as cute and cuddly, as beautiful and loving as it is to have a child it’s also scary, exhausting, literally exhausting, and hard.  

15 Baby Tips You Wish Someone Had Told You.

I actually applaud the moms that have more than two children, to me they are just amazing, how do they do it all? I feel faint just thinking about it.

Nevertheless, all stages of Mommyhood are hard, and I really wish someone sat me down before I had children to really tell me the ins and outs, to explain that there will be very high highs and extreme lows. And maybe just maybe I wouldn’t be such a mental case.

So here are some things I wish I knew before I had my kids:

First off, the first thing I would say — which is 10,000% true — is, IT GETS EASIER.

Some things you have to learn on your own, but some things… don’t you wish your friends would have told you? You know… that exciting moment when you’ve figured it out and tell a friend, and she says “Oh, yeah, we did that, too.”

You want to scream, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Well, here are 15 of those baby tips that we wish we would have known during the baby phase.

Baby Tips for New Moms

1. Cheerio necklace

Taking older babies shopping can be a nightmare. Seriously.

Keep them occupied (and their tummies satisfied) with a Cheerio necklace. This is a great trick for toddlers, too!

2. A transition from the baby bath to the bathtub

The bathtub can seem like a big, scary place for a baby. A transition from the baby bath to the bathtub by using a laundry basket to contain the baby and toys and to provide a feeling of security.

3. Storing pacifiers

You know those to-go cups you get for dips and sauces at restaurants? They’re the perfect size for storing pacifiers in your diaper bag.

4. Take the pack and play outside

I wish I had thought of this when my kiddo was a baby. Have some yard work or gardening to do? Take the pack and play outside, cover it with a crib sheet, and you’ll have instant shade.

5. Use your old phone as a baby monitor

Use your old phone as a baby monitor. Just install Skype on both the old phone and your current one, and you can take a peek at the baby whenever you need to. You’ll need to set up the phone near a power source since the battery would drain fairly quickly otherwise.

6. The BEST baby stain remover

Spit-up, poop, pee… babies come with a lot of stains. Here’s the best baby stain remover we’ve tried made from Dawn, baking soda, and peroxide.

These Baby Tips May Just Save Your Sanity

7. Keep track of medicine doses

When your baby is sick, you won’t be getting much sleep either. And a sleepy mom can sometimes be forgetful. Always keep track of medicine doses by drawing a chart right on the medicine bottle and filling it in after each dose. Smart!

8. Sippy cup strap

Sometime soon, your baby will think it’s hilarious to throw his or her sippy cup on the floor. Repeatedly. This suctioned sippy cup strap will save your sanity.

9. Clip on the back of the high chair

Put a command clip on the back of the high chair so you always have a bib handy.

10. Use a pool noodle to create a door stopper

Once they start opening and closing doors, all sorts of chaos can ensue. Use a pool noodle to create a door stopper on the cheap.

11. Dollar store dog collars

Cheap dollar store dog collars make great baby-proof devices!

12. Frozen yogurt dots

Why do baby foods cost an arm and a leg? Make your own frozen yogurt dots at home.

Just put your favorite yogurt in a piping bag, apply dots to wax paper, and freeze.

13. DIY frozen pacifier

Teething is such a trying time. Create your own DIY frozen pacifier by dipping a pacifier in water, squeezing the air out of the nipple, and allowing it to fill with water.

Pop it in the freezer, and it’ll be ready the next time your little one needs some relief.

14. DIY busy board

One genius dad figured out how to keep his curious baby occupied. Check out this DIY busy board!

15. Baby bottle organization

Baby bottle organization is a must. Use those inexpensive plastic organizers to keep everything handy. Why must bottles have so many pieces?!


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